Haunted Houses

Move around to explore with a torchlight


Tread carefully as you step into the Malay Kampong, where the Pontianak died a tragic death. With her ghostly pale face covered by long dark hair and sharp nails, will she hunt you down as her next victim?

Pagoda of Peril

Guard your souls from the Pagoda of Yin Ling, trapped with malevolent demons and terrifying spirits roaming viciously around the prison. These demonic creatures will fight in fury as they seek to find freedom. You will come face to face with the vicious counter of Yang, Yin Ling, as he yearns for eternal life and power. Push through your deepest fear, or let Yin Ling feed off of your trapped soul forever.
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Enter the world of the Killuminati, the Chinese secret society of vampires that has existed for centuries. Dare to witness the bloody truth behind locked doors as it reveals a world full of mystery, controversy and nightmares. Once you enter, your fate is in their hands, and you no longer have control over your own life.
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